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Nova Lux Royalties

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About Us

Nova Lux Royalties (NLR) is an exclusive yield company focused on consolidating producing royalties across predictable, low-decline gas wells. Our mission is to aggregate long-term gas royalties that will generate a consistent yield and predictable returns through the energy transition. Currently, NLR manages a growing portfolio of wellbore-only royalty interests located within premier gas plays throughout the United States, specifically in Appalachia and Wyoming.

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Why Invest With Nova Lux?

  • Gain exposure to the energy transition’s most important bridge fuel through investing in long-term natural gas
  • Royalty interests are non-cost bearing and provide a means to invest in upstream with limited downside risk
  • Ongoing, incremental acquisitions allow for continuous cost averaging into the gas market
  • Predictable production streams yield stable and consistent returns 
  • Access a diverse production base through one consolidated portfolio managed by technical experts with a proven track record

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Suitable Investors

  • Pensions
  • Insurance Companies
  • University & Nonprofit Endowments
  • Family Offices
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Contact Us

Interested in investing as a limited partner (LP) of Nova Lux? Reach out to our investor relations team today to learn more at [email protected].

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