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About Cloud Peak Minerals

Cloud Peak Minerals (CPM) was founded by the Flat River Minerals team in 2023 to pursue investments in minerals and royalties across premier gas basins, with a heavy focus on the Marcellus and Utica plays in Appalachia. As big believers in natural gas, we decided to expand our focus out east and take our Cowboy Ethics with us. Our mission is to apply our technical expertise to acquire minerals and royalties in superior geology without sacrificing our integrity. CPM has offices in Canonsburg, PA and Sheridan, WY.     

We’re not speculators, we’re not brokers, we’re not flippers. We’re committed to investing in Appalachia and its communities for the long haul.

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While some companies may make offers based on certain “rules of thumb” like 3-year cashflow for producing interests or 3x a lease bonus for non-producing interests, our decades of experience in the oil and gas industry allows us to accurately value your minerals and royalties based on the three factors that matter most: geology, engineering, and drill timing. Most importantly, we assess the gas reservoir underneath your interests to forecast (i) the remaining monthly production volumes of any existing wells, and/or (ii) the monthly production over the full life of any new well(s) that may be drilled. 

Cloud Peak Minerals works with property owners across Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. As a mineral rights buyer, we provide accurate and competitive valuations of assets and will offer you our best price in all cash. We will never ask you to sign a mineral deed until we are ready to make payment and won’t lock you into any long-term purchase and sale agreements. We aim to help our clients by working with them directly to cut out the middleman and make sure they receive the full purchase price.

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Why Appalachia?

Cloud Peak Minerals was founded to pursue to the vast shale resources across the tri-state area as well as northeastern Pennsylvania. We believe the Utica and Marcellus shales are best-in-class and will provide the country and world with clean, affordable energy for decades to come.

Cloud Peak Minerals is similar to a mutual fund, but instead of investing in a diversified portfolio of stocks and other securities, we invest in mineral and royalty interests spread across ~10 million acres. Through investing across a broad region of Appalachia, we can mitigate geologic, engineering, and timing risks within our portfolio. What’s more, unlike individual owners, Cloud Peak Minerals has the ability to limit our exposure to volatile commodity prices by taking advantage of gas hedges on the futures market.

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Factors to Consider When Selling Your Mineral Rights

There are a lot of factors (and people) to consider when you consider selling your mineral rights. For those that want to learn more about liquidating (or partially liquidating) mineral and royalty assets, we’re a local, honest, and transparent resource to help you understand a market that few know how to navigate.

In our team’s experience, the most common factors sellers typically consider are family, financial goals, and risk. Most people understand that oil and gas is a cyclical industry which is difficult to accurately predict. If your net worth is tied to your minerals, you may want to consider selling your interests to diversify into more predictable and lower-risk investments.

Tax Benefits

Another benefit of selling your mineral and royalty interests is the large sum of cash you get up front. We also encourage potential sellers to explore a 1031 exchange, which is an IRS provision that allows a seller to reinvest proceeds from a mineral/royalty sale into another real estate investment without paying capital gains taxes.

Check out our Mineral Rights Tax Guide for more tax tips.

Alternatives to Selling Mineral Rights

If you need cash but don’t want to sell your mineral rights, a great alternative is a non-participating royalty interest (“NPRI”). This allows you to keep the minerals, rights to bonuses, executive rights to lease the minerals, and the full remaining royalty net of the NPRI.

Why Cloud Peak Minerals?

We’re about doing what’s right, not what’s easy. Our local Canonsburg, PA team believes in building relationships and understanding your goals and will never pressure you into making a decision.

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Get a Free Valuation

When you work with Cloud Peak Minerals, we ensure that you understand what selling your minerals means and what the process will look like. We want you to be comfortable and confident in your decision to sell your mineral rights before you do so. Find out how much your mineral rights are worth. Request a Mineral Rights Valuation today to get a competitive, up-front price for your minerals or royalties and meet with a team member before                              

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